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Boost Retention & Engagement

Your institution’s reputation is strengthened when you provide a world-class collaboration platform that exceeds expectations for students and instructors alike.

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Seamless Integration and Easy Adoption

Seamless Integration & Easy Adoption

The platform’s set of innovative, easy-to-master tools allows for fast adoption by all users, decreasing the time and effort needed for IT implementation and management.

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Enrich Learning and Elevate Discussions

Enrich Learning & Elevate Discussions

Facilitate meaningful conversations, elicit insightful posts and critical thinking, set learning goals, and introduce challenges and new perspectives for your students.

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Engagement Guide
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by Harmonize Support, on Mar 18, 2020 12:41:56 PM

As the logged in user, you can edit your profile by clicking on your name from your profile picture.


Upload a new image

Click on the blue icon in the upper left hand corner to add or replace your image.

Other Profile Options: by clicking on the edit (pencil icon) you can add / edit the following information

  • Email & Location
  • Links to your social accounts or other sites
  • Bio & Interests
  • Education


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Harmonize Support

Harmonize is an app used for assignments and discussions in your courses. It allows you and your instructors to create content-rich posts to encourage and facilitate online classroom discussion.

Assignments and discussions using Harmonize will display the posts in inline .

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