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Milestone Dates

by Harmonize Support, on Jun 24, 2020 5:57:13 PM

Milestones allow you to create a single assignment or topic that encompasses many completion requirements.

Completion Requirements may include a specific number of:

  • Posts on a topic
  • Comments on posts
  • Replies to comments
  • Reactions to classmates’ activity (Note: Reactions must be enabled within the Post Settings in order to set this type of Milestone requirement.)

By clarifying the participation requirements as part of a Topic or Assignment Milestone, you provide students a clear indication of what must be done to complete a discussion topic.

Additionally, you may stagger the requirements across a span of time.

For example, as part of a weekly discussion that begins on a Monday, you may want each student to:

  • Write ONE post by Wednesday.
  • Comment on TWO classmates’ work by Friday.
  • Reply to TWO comments on their post by Sunday.

You can clearly define these expectations when creating the Harmonize Topic by using Milestones.

Setting Milestone Completion Dates:

When defining Milestones, you have the opportunity to define Requirement Completion dates relative to:

  1. Available From Date - The date from which the assignment or topic becomes available. 
  2. Due Date - The due date of the entire topic or assignment.
  3. Available Until Date - The date until the assignment or topic is no longer available.


  • If your LMS is configured to share any of these dates with Harmonize, you would set the date via your LMS and it would pre-populate in the Topic Setting area for Milestones. Currently, Canvas is the only LMS that supports this feature.  See our guide on how to set assignment due dates in Canvas.
  • In the screenshot above, the Due Date (#2) comes from the LMS, so it cannot be set on the Topic Setting page. The Available From (#1) and Available Until (#3) dates are not provided by the LMS and can be set in the topic settings area.

  • Set your Milestone Completion dates relative to the date that makes the most sense for your assignment.

Why set relative completion dates?

  • When copying course content from semester to semester, setting relative completion dates means you only have to change one date to affect all Milestone dates within a topic.

  • In learning management systems that share dates, Harmonize will automatically adopt the new “Relative Date” from the copied course and adjust the completion dates for you. 
  • In learning management systems that do NOT share dates, you need only change the applicable date in the top half of the Topic Settings dialog. Harmonize will automatically apply that new “Relative Date” to the existing Milestones for you. (For more information on copying course content, please see your LMS help guide.)

I don't want to set a Milestone due date.

  • Completion dates are not required for Milestones. When you choose I don’t want to set a Milestone date, the topic/assignment requirements will remain available until the student completes them.


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