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Engagement Guide
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Meeting Scheduler

by Harmonize Support, on Nov 18, 2020 1:00:00 PM


Users can add a synchronous meeting to their post or topic.  Harmonize is integrated with Zoom but you can also add another Online Conferencing application, like WebEx or Microsoft Teams by selecting the Add Meeting URL. 

When creating a Topic or adding a new Post, select the calendar icon.


After adding the Schedule Meeting row you can select how to set up your Meeting.

  • Start Date/Time:  Enter the date and time of the meeting (required)
  • Duration:  Enter the Duration of the meeting
  • Title:  A title for the meeting (Required)
  • Description:  A description of the meeting (optional)
  • Location:  If it is an onsite meeting, you can add the meeting room or address
  • Add Meeting URL: If it is online conference application (other than ZOOM) add the Meeting URL, copy and paste it from your online conferencing application. (required)

Meeting Types:

  • No Remote Access: Add the Date & Time, Duration, Title, Description and the physical location of the meeting.
  • Add Meeting URL: Add the Date & Time, Duration, Title, Description and the online meeting URL.
  • Zoom Meeting: Connect to your Zoom account to integrate Harmonize with Zoom online meeting rooms.  See below for more information on integrating with Zoom.
    • NOTE:  Harmonize does not add the Zoom meeting to your Zoom account.

Meeting Files

  • You can optionally upload meeting files, agendas, notes etc. 
  • Files can be uploaded after the meeting has ended if there are any artifacts from the meeting
  • Click to drag and drop files any artifacts


  • Once you've published a post containing a meeting, it will be visible as a calendar icon in the topic header. 
  • The number inside the yellow circle indicates the number of meetings that are scheduled to occur within the next 24 hours. 
  • Clicking on the icon will display a list containing more details about each of those meetings as well as a list of past meetings. 
  • Clicking on one of those meetings will auto-scroll you to the relevant post so you can access meeting details.


Zoom Meeting

To create a Zoom meeting, you must first link Harmonize to your Zoom Account, by clicking on the Link Zoom Account button.


  • Enter your user name and password to your Zoom Pro Account and click Authorize
  • Click on the Pre-approve button
  • Click on the Authorize button


Before the meeting is started, users will see a message asking them to "Please wait for the host to start the meeting."


The Host will be presented with a "Start Meeting" button 10 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.


After the Host has started the meeting, a "Join Meeting" button will appear allowing participants to join the meeting.


After the meeting has ended, users will see a "This meeting has ended." message in place of the "Join Meeting" button.


Importing Zoom Recordings and Transcripts

After the scheduled time for a Zoom meeting has elapsed, you'll have the option to import the video recording, audio-only recording, meeting transcript and/or the chat history.

To do this, click on Add Files:

Harmonize Discussion Meeting Add Files

Then click on Add Zoom Files:

Harmonize Discussion Add Zoom Files

Then click Add File on each of the files you wish to import and hit close:

Harmonize Discussion Add Zoom Files

The files you selected will be added to the meeting as attachments that can be viewed by others in the discussion.

Harmonize Discussion Meeting with Imported Files

Uninstalling Zoom Integration

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom Marketplace
  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for HarmonizeEngage
  3. Click the HarmonizeEngage app
  4. Click  Uninstall
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