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Harmonize Frequently Asked Questions

by Harmonize Support, on Mar 18, 2020 11:08:41 AM

  • How do I add my course to Harmonize using Canvas?
    Configuring Harmonize for your course is a simple process.  Visit our Administrative Guides section for detailed instructions.
  • Who do I contact for Support?
    42 Lines will provide its standard technical support to Usrs.  Support requests must be initiated by e-mailing harmonize-support@42lines.net. Support requests will receive responses from 42 Lines within four (4) hours between 8 am – 5 pm PST Monday – Friday, excluding holidays. No direct support will be given outside of the hours listed above; however, 42 Lines will monitor for system availability and respond if an outage is detected.
  • Security and Data Protection
    Review our Security & Data Protection section.
  • What is your maintenance window?
    If server maintenance is needed, Harmonize tries to perform this work during nontraditional usage hours to lessen any impact to users. Security updates are applied once a week.
  • Accessibility Information
    Please review Harmonize Accessibility:  Harmonize Accessibility

Harmonize General FAQ

  • Why am I getting a 404 on an image?
    If the content was embedded from the web, the file url might have been removed or changed.
  • How do I view all my activity in a topic?
    Click on the Activity link at the top of the Topic to view the Activity which shows your participation in a topic.
  • Why can’t I comment on a post anymore?
    The post close date has ended. Comments cannot be added after the close date.
  • How do I change the thumbnail image on an uploaded non-media file?
    After uploading a file click Drop or click to set thumbnail and then select the image.
  • As a student can I edit or delete my post after it has been posted?
    Posts can be edited if the topic is still open and the teacher has not yet commented. If it is a gradable topic it cannot be edited or deleted if the post is graded.
  • As a student can I edit or delete a comment I made on someone else’s post.
    Yes, if the post is still open.
  • Can a teacher delete a student’s posts or comments?
    Yes, a teacher has permission to delete a student’s post or comment as well as their own.
  • Can I view Harmonize on a mobile device?
    Yes, you can view Harmonize in the Canvas mobile app or through your mobile browser on your device.
  • What is the file size limit per post?
    250 MB per user per post
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Harmonize Support

Harmonize is an app used for assignments and discussions in your courses. It allows you and your instructors to create content-rich posts to encourage and facilitate online classroom discussion.

Assignments and discussions using Harmonize will display the posts in inline .

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