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Add Harmonize to Moodle with LTI 1.3

by Harmonize Support, on May 26, 2021 8:44:47 AM

LTI 1.3 Advantage is the latest LTI specification offered by IMS Global and offers a number of improvements over LTI 1.1.  The instructions below describe how to add Harmonize to your Moodle instance via LTI 1.3.

Important Note: Adding Harmonize to Moodle requires a System Administrator role on the Moodle instance. 

Dynamic Registration

The simplest way to add Harmonize to Moodle is by performing a dynamic registration.  If you are unable to use this feature, see the instructions for manual registration.

  1. Log into your Moodle instance as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Site Administration, click on the Plugins tab and click the External Tools -> Manage Tools linkMoodle Site Administration Plugins Tab
  3. Enter the LTI Advantage Tool URL value provided by Harmonize Support into the Tool URL field and click the Add LTI Advantage buttonMoodle Manage Tools Page
    1. Note: if you only see a green button this page labeled "Add", then your version of Moodle does not support dynamic registration and you will need to switch to manual registration.
  4. Click the Activate button on the Harmonize tool that is now listed on the Manage Tools pageMoodle Manage Tools Harmonize Listing
  5. Harmonize is now ready to use in your courses

Manual Registration

  1. Log into your Moodle instance as an administrator
  2. Navigate to Site Administration, click on the Plugins tab and click the External Tools -> Manage Tools linkMoodle Site Administration Plugins Tab
  3. Click on the configure a tool manually linkMoodle Manage Tools Page
  4. Fill in the following values provided by Harmonize Support:Moodle External Tool Configuration Form
    1. Tool Settings
      1. Tool name -> Harmonize
      2. Tool URL -> Enter Tool URL value
      3. Tool description -> Discussion & Classroom Tools
      4. LTI version -> LTI 1.3
      5. Public key type -> Keyset URL
      6. Public keyset -> Enter Public keyset value
      7. Initiate login URL -> Enter Initiate login URL value
      8. Redirection URI(s) -> Enter Redirect URIs value
      9. Custom Parameters -> Enter Custom Params values
      10. Supports Deep Linking (Content-Item Message) -> Checked
      11. Content Selection URL -> Enter Content Selection URL value
      12. Icon URL -> Enter Secure Icon URL value
      13. Secure icon URL -> Enter Secure Icon URL value
    2. Services
      1. IMS LTI Assignment and Grade Services -> Use this service for grade sync and column management
      2. IMS LTI Names and Role Provisioning -> Use this service to retrieve members' information as per privacy settings
      3. Tool Settings -> Use this service
    3. Privacy
      1. Share launcher's name with tool -> Always
      2. Share launcher's email with tool -> Always
      3. Accept grades from the tool -> As specified in Deep Linking definition or Delegate to Teacher
      4. Force SSL -> Checked
  5. Click Save Changes
  6. Back on the Manage Tools page, click on the list icon inside the Harmonize box and provide the following values to Harmonize Support:Brightspace Manage Tools Page Harmonize Box
    1. Access token URL
    2. Authentication request URL
    3. Public keyset URL
    4. Client ID
  7. Once Harmonize Support has added these values to your institution's Harmonize tenant, Harmonize will be ready to use in your courses
Topics:MoodleLTI 1.3

Harmonize Support

Harmonize is an app used for assignments and discussions in your courses. It allows you and your instructors to create content-rich posts to encourage and facilitate online classroom discussion.

Assignments and discussions using Harmonize will display the posts in inline .

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