Boost Retention and Engagement

Boost Retention & Engagement

Your institution’s reputation is strengthened when you provide a world-class collaboration platform that exceeds expectations for students and instructors alike.

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Seamless Integration and Easy Adoption

Seamless Integration & Easy Adoption

The platform’s set of innovative, easy-to-master tools allows for fast adoption by all users, decreasing the time and effort needed for IT implementation and management.

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Enrich Learning and Elevate Discussions

Enrich Learning & Elevate Discussions

Facilitate meaningful conversations, elicit insightful posts and critical thinking, set learning goals, and introduce challenges and new perspectives for your students.

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Harmonize Support

by Harmonize Support, on Feb 22, 2021 10:16:51 AM

When Milestones are used in a Harmonize Graded Discussion, a feature called Auto-Grading can be turned on to automatically calculate a participation score as students meet the requirements for each …

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Topics:Speed Grader (Canvas)MilestonesMultiple Due DatesAuto-Grading

by Harmonize Support, on Jan 29, 2021 3:30:19 PM

Student Facilitation is a powerful tool for increasing engagement within your discussions and promote deeper learning for your students. Learn how student facilitators can enhance your online discussions. Configuring Student …

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by Harmonize Support, on Jan 19, 2021 4:23:36 PM

General Almost every modern browser offers the ability to block 3rd-party cookies for added privacy. Some browsers even enable this behavior by default. When using an LMS, every LTI application …

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by Harmonize Support, on Jan 13, 2021 4:00:14 PM

In a standard installation of Harmonize in Canvas, a course navigation item labeled "Harmonize Discussion" is automatically added that provides access to non-assignment discussions. To prevent this navigation item from …

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Topics:canvas admin

by Harmonize Support, on Jan 11, 2021 9:04:18 AM

After you receive your secret and key follow these steps to add Harmonize to Canvas at the institution or sub-account level. After you receive your secret and key, navigate to …

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Topics:canvas admin

by Harmonize Support, on Jan 5, 2021 4:03:06 PM

Harmonize has added the new feature Auto-Grading to "Milestones" allowing instructors the ability to set participation points for each individual task in an online discussion. As milestones are reached points …

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by Harmonize Support, on Dec 10, 2020 1:25:21 PM

A Blackboard Course instructor can assign a Harmonize Discussion to a single group using the "Adaptive Release" menu. 1. Create a Harmonize Discussion 2. From the course content page click …

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by Harmonize Support, on Dec 10, 2020 1:02:30 PM

Harmonize Discussions can be created in Blackboard Learn as both graded or ungraded activities. When creating a new Harmonize Discussion, click the "Gradeable" button and set your max score points …

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by Harmonize Support, on Dec 1, 2020 1:28:31 PM

Navigation to set up Turnitin Similarity with Harmonize As an Administrator, select Admin Then select the sub-account or course to which you will add Turnitin Similarity. Click on Settings Select …

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Topics:Harmonize Support ArticleConfigure Turnitin

by Harmonize Support, on Nov 30, 2020 1:05:27 PM

Equation editor can be accessed when creating a Harmonize Topic, Post, or adding a Comment. In the Text Editor, click on the Equation Icon to open the Equation Editor. There …

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Harmonize Support

Harmonize is an app used for assignments and discussions in your courses. It allows you and your instructors to create content-rich posts to encourage and facilitate online classroom discussion.

Assignments and discussions using Harmonize will display the posts in inline .

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