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Online Discussion Platform Harmonize Releases New Capabilities for Auto-Grading

by Harmonize, on Jan 21, 2021 9:00:35 AM


Auto-Grading eases instructor workloads, freeing them to focus more fully on student learning

CHICAGO (PRWEB) January 21, 2021

42 Lines, a leader in custom edtech development and creator of the Harmonize online discussion platform, today announced a new capability that will make it easier for faculty to manage and assess online discussions.

Auto-Grading automatically grades student participation in online discussions using criteria selected by the instructor. Auto-Grading helps instructors keep students on track and assess their participation in online discussions quickly and easily--giving them more time to devote to student learning.

The new capability augments Milestone Dates, a recently released capability that lets instructors assign multiple requirements to a single discussion topic and assign due dates to each of them. Together, these capabilities work to improve the quality of online discussions: Milestone Dates helps students engage more deeply in class discussions, while Auto-Grading reduces instructor workloads, freeing them to focus on what matters: student learning.
“These capabilities will help instructors engage students in online discussions more organically,” said Marcus Popetz, CEO, 42 Lines. “Students want to participate in a timely fashion--but let’s face it, sometimes they get overwhelmed. These new tools encourage students to participate more consistently--and that means they can keep up with coursework and deepen their understanding of course material,” he said. “And we’ve lifted some of the administrative burden from instructors, so that they can focus more fully on the quality of discussions.”

Automatically Calculate Participation with Auto-Grading

Auto-Participation Grading assesses a student’s discussion activity across a class, automatically calculating level of engagement based expectations set by the instructor, which could include the number of posts, comments, and replies. Instructors can review auto-calculations and adjust grades based on additional criteria. Auto-grading incorporates Milestone Dates to track and manage activity for a more precise assessment.

Assign Multiple Due Dates to a Single Discussion Assignment

In response to requests from instructors, Harmonize now offers the ability to apply multiple due dates to a single discussion assignment. With this capability, instructors can assign
any number of completion requirements, along with due dates, to a single discussion topic. By enabling sequential due dates for posts, comments on posts, and replies to comments, instructors can set clear expectations for their students and help them engage more successfully throughout the course.

As the demand for online learning continues to grow, institutions are looking for better ways to deliver engaging and successful learning experiences to their students. New capabilities in Harmonize help instructors focus more fully on student learning by giving them the tools they need to structure more engaging discussions and assess those discussions with greater ease.

Visit to learn more.

About 42 Lines
42 Lines has more than a decade of experience developing innovative education technology solutions for higher education institutions and organizations looking to surpass industry standards. Created in response to educator and student feedback, the Harmonize platform seamlessly integrates with learning management systems to create an engaging, collaborative community for dynamic academic discussion, creative and analytical thinking, and in-depth feedback that drives improved learning outcomes. To explore all of the features of Harmonize visit 

Join us for a webinar on Auto-Grading on February 17, 2021 at 12:00pm ET.

You can view the press release here.

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