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Marcus Popetz
Aug 9, 2021 4:37:26 PM

If you know a little bit about Harmonize, you know a little bit about us. We think of Harmonize as an ed tech solution with heart. It’s an engagement platform that embraces the best of social media’s community-driven tools while incorporating proven learning strategies with the academic rigor you expect from an education partner.  

And that pretty much describes who we are too. We believe it’s possible to elevate online learning by applying world-class technologies to the solutions we’ve tended to take for granted. We ask ourselves simple questions: Why not design a discussion board that presents student content in a way that looks familiar to them? Why not include features that let students (and faculty) post and annotate videos? Why not incorporate chat into more areas of the online classroom so that students can build more authentic relationships? 

Why not, in other words, incorporate technologies into online platforms that we know improve learning because—and this is really our ‘killer platform’—they are actually kind of fun to use? 

Harmonize began its life at 42 Lines, a custom edtech development company where we worked with customers to deliver software and solve specific technology challenges. We worked one-on-one with several higher education clients, building a learning management system before LMS was a “thing,” designing a platform for teaching fine art online, and developing a better infrastructure to help students succeed.   

When we had the opportunity to build a more engaging online discussion platform, we took a hard look at what was available. While Facebook had taken off, most academic tools remained frozen in time, still mimicking the first bulletin boards that had been launched in the 1980s. And we decided that faculty and students teaching and learning online deserved better.  Way better. 

We developed Harmonize as an interactive space where all learners, regardless of their learning preferences, abilities, or styles, could engage more fully in the learning experience. That idea—that all learners should be able to participate equally in online education—has become our north star. And we will continue to expand what engagement looks like, introducing new features that help students and instructors build vibrant, connected communities. 

Even before the sea change wrought by a global pandemic, we believed that online learning would continue to occupy a larger space in the education landscape. At its best, online learning has the power to break down barriers to learning, extend classrooms to a diverse and global population, and provide new ways for students and faculty to interact and learn. Yes, there are hurdles—access and equity being among the most critical. That’s why we continue to find new ways to bridge those gaps and design applications that help every student succeed. 

To do that, of course, we needed a great team and I’m fortunate to be working with some of the best in the business. All of our team members (including my brother Clint!) have substantial experience in engineering and technology. They are also great communicators--because, at its heart, software design is all about what people need to succeed. We like to think we’re pretty good at listening to our customers and collaborating with them to find solutions. 

We will continue to collaborate with instructors, administrators, industry professionals, and, yes, students to learn everything we can about how new technologies can help you create more engaging learning experiences—wherever they happen. I invite you to explore further by subscribing to our blog, watching our webinars, or talking to our team members about your concerns, your challenges, and your passions.

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