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Educating Generation Z | The Zeds are Alright

Feb 26, 2020 7:48:00 AM

Google “Generation Z” and it seems like everyone—from brands to charities to colleges and universities—is trying to figure out what makes these kids tick. The first wave of Generation Z is already entering the workforce. You’re probably teaching their younger siblings in your classrooms right now. Born roughly between 1995 and 2010, GenZ is the largest generation in the U.S., made up of about 90.5 million individuals who are already busy shaping their futures and ours. It’s also the most racially and ethnically diverse generation and likely the best educated. They’ve grown up with social media and use technology to connect with each other—sometimes in ingenious ways

Still, getting beyond the statistics has proven to be a bit harder. In the past few years, articles on Generation Z have described them as anxious and entrepreneurial, as dystopian socialists, and as hopeful activists. Whatever lens you might apply to data, it’s clear that Generation Z will bring a new set of expectations to all aspects of their lives—including how they learn and engage.

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We took a look at the surveys, studies, articles, and data being generated about Generation Z, paying particular attention to the college experience. When it comes to learning, GenZers are as pragmatic as they are flexible. The generation that watched parents struggle to hang on to jobs during the recession might want a college degree to mean something in the world of work. And this most “social” of generations, the first to grow up in an entirely digital world, prefer to learn and engage differently than their older brothers and sisters—but in ways that might surprise you. 

Our takeaway from sifting through the research available now on Generation Z? They may be anxious, but they’re making a difference. They might spend hours on their phones, but they're using that technology to share ideas and stay engaged. And while they’re skeptical of what college has to offer them, they want to learn the skills that will carry them into the next phase of their lives.  

To learn more, we invite you to read our eBook, “Educating Generation Z. The Zeds Are Alright.” We’ve gathered some of the latest thinking on who Generation Z is and what they want. What do we cover? Here’s a quick look:

  • Part 1: Say hello to a new generation

    If we want to help GenZers find real value in their college experience, we’ll need to make every experience collaborative, interactive, and meaningful. 
  • Part 2: GenZ is diverse, determined, and digital

    In 2018, a GenZer was as likely to be Hispanic as white. More than a third of GenZers know a non-binary person. And for the most part, this generation, regardless of political affiliation, views diversity as a good thing.
  • Part 3: Will GenZ transform learning? 

    They already are.
  • Part 4: Delivering on expectations: preparing for Generation Z

    Even if GenZers don’t seem inclined to abandon higher education just yet, how can you be sure your institution is adapting to new expectations and new learning styles? 
  • Part 5: Today’s students are looking for new ways to collaborate, connect, and make a difference.

    Next-generation online discussion solutions might just be an important piece of the puzzle.

Download the eBook Today!

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